Tennis Training

“Give your dreams new wings with Sports Mantra Academy!”

About Tennis Training

In this competitive atmosphere where it is nearly impossible to strike a perfect balance, Sports Mantra Academy offers world-class tennis training where our coaches customize individual development programs and suggest solutions that drive 100% results. At Sports Mantra Academy, we not only believe in transforming individuals into well-established players; however, we imbibe our beliefs into our students and build authentic relationships that lead to unprecedented success.

No matter if you’re just starting or you already are a pro player, give new wings to your dreams by enrolling in Sports Mantra Academy.

About Tennis Training

One on One Coaching

During one on one coaching, the coaches familiarize themselves with a student’s game that creates a base to deliver tailor-made solutions that guarantee results. Here, coaches pay personal attention to each individual and treat him like a single unit rather than playing in a group of two individuals.

Group Coaching

Sports mantra academy offers one of the worlds most diverse programs, and group coaching is a part of it. Our group coaching program majorly focuses on developing sportsmanship, teamwork, and selflessness in each individual that helps them build a sense of belongingness and takes them a step forward to be proven as an asset for the team.

Residence Academy Hostel

After continued practise sessions and intense workouts, we offer our student’s residence academy hostel that serves delicious food, well-ventilated rooms, and 24/7 support.

Sports Mantra Academy Programs

At sports mantra academy, we constantly challenge our student’s abilities and push them out of their comfort zones to perform and showcase their skills.

Skill Analysis

Our first and foremost step towards each student is to analyze their skill set through a well-structured skill analysis program that helps us understand areas they are best in or their pain points. According to the drive results, our highly-skilled coaches develop solutions for upliftment.

Physical Development

With a structured physical development process, we, along with our students, get into the process of developing them physically. We follow world-class intensive training techniques that build individuals strengths and make a considerable impact on each individual. Note, all of these techniques and training programs are undergone expert supervision.

Mental Strength & Wellness

For any player to outshine on the ground, mental and physical strengths play an equal part that needs to be accessed and given due importance. At our academy, we conduct regular mental strength and wellness sessions undertaken by experts to nurture mental strength and wellness in each individual.

Innovative Coaching

At sports mantra academy, our coaching methodologies are unique as we develop a challenging environment for our students to analyze their strengths which prepares them for the upcoming hurdles and allows them to shine brighter.

Hostel Accommodation

Apart from developing and providing intuitive tennis training programs, we offer hostel accommodation facilities to our students who travel from different parts of the country to learn from us.

Talk Sessions

Our talk session with renowned tennis players develops a sense of understanding in the students and gives a boost of confidence to perform and play better each day.